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Half-Life Alyx: LEVITATION is a new mod, featuring 5 hours of gameplay

YouTube’s CoreyLaddo has shared a video for an upcoming mod for Half-Life Alyx, called LEVITATION. Half-Life Alyx: LEVITATION will feature around 4-5 hours of gameplay, and will release in Q3 2022.

Naturally, and as with all mods, LEVITATION will be available for free to all owners of Half-Life Alyx. From the looks of it, this mod will feature new environments (though I’m not sure whether there are any new enemies). Nevertheless, this is something that will excite a lot of Half-Life Alyx owners.

Speaking of Half-Life Alyx, I also suggest taking a look at this Bioshock Mod for it. Return to Rapture Chapter Two has 24 levels and promises to have over 15 hours of gameplay. In March 2022, wim.buytaert.1988 released its second episode which packed countless new and original features. This second episode brought varied enemy types, AI, dismemberment, powers, weapons, soundtrack, animations, dialogue, writing, secrets and more.

Enjoy the trailer and stay tuned for more!

Half-Life Alyx: LEVITATION Trailer