Weekly GTA IV Gallery [March 25th – 31st]

Lately, we’ve asking ourselves one simple question: what makes a great screenshot? Is it the insane amount of detail, the clever camera angles, the extensive use of post-process effects, how close it can get to actual photos or how lovely its artistic direction can actually be? It’s a really weird question and there is no definite answer to that. Take for example the work of jin.dot.gae1 and orangebrains. Their images are nowhere closer to real photos but they have something unique, something mesmerizing. On the other hand, j1731’s shots can’t be easily mistaken for real photos and that makes them unique in their own way. In the end, a great in-game screenshot is – in our opinion – the screenshot that will leave you speechless and will make you re-install and play that game. And the following shots made us do exactly that. Enjoy and special thanks to modders schakusa, 3lajitz, DenDi333, legacyy, King of K, Jaizeta, Black_D, Simple999 and ngt for capturing them!