Super Smash Bros Melee Online Enters Alpha Stage; a fan project that lets you play online SSBM

Super Smash Bros fans, here is something for you. No, this is not an April Fools joke so keep reading. A team of passionate gamers is working on a fan project that will allow you to play Super Smash Bros Melee online. Although this project was under development for quite some time, the team has successfully managed to release – internally – an alpha version that works quite well.
Going into more tech stuff, the team revealed that the internal alpha version successfully synchronizes (syncs) 2 separate Melee sessions across 3 variables. The team is currently syncing the values for Percentage Display, Actual Percentage, and Character stock every 10 frames and there is no appreciable slow in game speed.
As the team’s member ‘Massive’ said:
“This is the most basic and important form of sync, and the first of many we will implement in the near future. With these rudimentary variables synced, regardless of what happens on both clients, they will both have the same outcome as the server.”
We should note that this is not a standalone game for the PC. The team is basically creating a new, enhanced emulator for the Wii/GameCube version of Super Smash Bros Melee that will enable online functionality. What this basically means is that they will only release the emulator and you will have to obtain the actual game ‘iso’ yourself. The team is also planning on including a version update tool with the emulator that will automatically patch your version of melee to be online compatible.
There is no ETA yet, but the team is working hard and will release it when it’s done.