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This mod for The Witcher 3 lets you play in first-person mode, supports combat & customizable FOV

SkacikPL has released a new version of his amazing first-person mod for The Witcher 3. This mod features an immersive first person camera that properly follows Geralt’s body and supports a customizable FOV (in range from 1 to 110), customizable, separate X and Y axis mouse sensitivity, as well as experimental combat mechanics.

This mod has been in development since 2016. In April 2016, SkacikPL released the first version of his mod that did not support any combat mechanics. Fast forward a year and some months and here we are with a better version that makes the game feel like a Bethesda title.

This mod also comes with an optional first-person-only DOF effect, a mode that will allow players to avoid combat as long as they’re in first person mode, and immersive lighting.

Those interested can download this mod from here.

Have fun!