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The Witcher 3 – First-person mod is now available

Back in July, we informed you about a mod for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt that introduced a first-person camera viewpoint. Well, good news everyone as modder ‘SkacikPL’ has finally released his mod.

As its description reads, this modification will add a brand new, immersive first person camera mode to your game that can be enabled or disabled at any time during exploration.

Unfortunately, this first-person mode is automatically disabled during horseback riding and combat.

Those interested can download this mod from here.

And here are its key features:


  • Immersive first person camera that properly follows Geralt’s body.
  • Customizable¬†FOV (in range from 1 to 110).
  • Customizable, separate X and Y axis mouse sensitivity.
  • Optional, first-person-only DOF effect.
  • Optional, first-person-only “do not disturb” mode that will allow you to avoid combat as long as you’re in first person mode.
  • Entirely non-conflicting setup, compatible with all mods and all game versions from 1.08 up.

Known issues:

  • Complex interiors (Kaer morhen/Kaer Trolde) have some minor streaming issues.
  • Game will hide NPCs that are very close to the camera.


  • Movement scheme is identical in first person as in third person(no strafing, backedaling, etc.)
  • Mouse movement has “floaty” behavior when moving (intended behavior, required to improving movement controls).
  • Horseback riding and combat are currently not supported, you will get automatically booted out of the first person mode if such event occurs.
  • Requires manual hooking after each level load (tradeoff for being non-conflicting mod).

Have fun everyone!