The spectacular Iron Man mod for GTA IV gets updated, includes lots of fixes and improvements

GTA IV Iron Man IV
Our reader ‘Jonathan Gustafsson’ has informed us about a new version of the amazing Iron Man mod for GTA IV. According to its changelog, this new version of the Iron Man mod includes all the released movie armors, improved flight animations, and the inclusion of a flight collision option, a crash effect for landing and a low health HUD indicator. You can view its complete changelog, as well as a video and the complete changelog, after the jump.
Those interested can download it from here.
And here is the changelog for Iron Man IV Beta 1.1 Mod:
-Includes all released movie armors
-Did some improvements related to performance and script errors
-Added support for two new custom HUD’s (by wapeddell)
-Added flight collision option
-Added crash effect for landing
-Added new type of cannon, just more powerful and with different offset, to initially be used with Hammer Drone model by wapeddell
-Added missile alarm HUD (HUD v2 and v3)
-Added low health HUD indicator (HUD v2 and v3)
-Improved enemy rockets flight and lock point
-Fixed some bugs related to script errors at startup and during gameplay
-Fixed player model shake when moving and aiming at low speed flight
-Fixed water bug that happens when you fall in water when in flight, causing an bug in camera making it look to the ass of the player when aiming ^^
-Fixed error for missing files, now the missing files will be ignored
-Fixed “look behind” function, now you can look behind (commonly triggered with key C) without having that weird camera movement
-Fixed chest repulsor beam position
-Fixed hand repulsor beam position
-Fixed fast rotation behavior when activating flight, now player will turn until reach camera direction
-Fixed bug that makes close car disappear when activating flight
-Added roll for turns when in flight at mid/high speed
-Removed automatic flight turn off when getting close to ground, now it will turn off when close to ground and with big speed decrease detected
-Improved wanted level increase, now increases only when really firing and when there are cops close
-Improved cops detection, now will detect cops and add small blips to them only when armor is equipped
-Improved weapon heat (cooldown time), now we can shoot more 🙂
-Almost fixed unwanted melee movement after shooting, almost ^^
Grand Theft Auto IV - Iron Man IV Beta 1.1' (MOD) HD