Thanatophobia is an indie survival horror game, based on Resident Evil’s classic gameplay mechanics

Now this is a pleasant surprise. We all loved the first parts of the Resident Evil franchise. You know; fixed camera viewpoints in which players control the main characters in order to solve puzzles. So, meet everyone Thanatophobia; a PC game that is based on Resident Evil’s classic gameplay mechanics that looks more interesting than Resident Evil 5 & 6 combined. In fact, this is what most RE have been waiting for these past years and even though it does not evolve zombies (well, at least we don’t get that hint from its debut trailer), it’s more of a RE game than all of the latest parts of its series are.
According to its description, Thanatophobia is a mature and thought provoking delve into darkness and depravity; an old-school survival horror game, that goes back to the roots of the genre.
Thanatophobia is a brand new entry into the forgotten world of old school, third person survival/horror, with focus on puzzle solving and storytelling over intense action.
The game is powered by the Unreal Engine and the following footage is taken from in-game beta content and displays a wide array of different features ranging from: voice acting, an expanded view on Thanatophobia’s musical score, animations, character design, environmental interaction, puzzle solving and finally an early peek on combat.
Thanatophobia Gameplay Trailer [1080p]