Nioh Complete Edition feature 2

Team Ninja will add official key rebind & mouse support to Nioh on November 30th

Hell bloody yeah. Team Ninja has just announced that a new patch for Nioh: Complete Edition will be released on November 30th. This patch will add official support for mouse. Not only that, but this patch will offer an in-game option to rebind all of your keyboard keys.

These were two of our biggest issues with the PC version of Nioh. Now I know that some will say that Nioh is a console game, however – and as we’ve already showcased – the game works wonderfully with mouse. Below you can find a video in which we showcase these custom mouse+keyboard controls.

Nioh Complete Edition - 8 minutes of PC gameplay WITH mouse+keyboard

Up until now, PC gamers could use theĀ GPDSCK tool in order to force mouse look. Via this tool, gamers could emulate the right stick. The only downside on this was the acceleration issues that were obvious when using the bow. As such, we truly hope that the official mouse support will not have any mouse acceleration or smoothing side-effects.

This patch will also fix some other miscellaneous bugs, as well as an issue with the sensitivity of the analogue stick.

So yeah, kudos to Team Ninja for at least listening to its PC users. As we wrote in our PC Performance Analysis article, there is room for improvement in pretty much all areas. Team Ninja will address the game’s PC controls so that’s a huge step forward. It will be interesting to see whether it will also further optimize it for lower-end PC configurations, or whether it will add more extensive PC graphics settings!