Here is how you can force mouse and remap keyboard keys in Nioh: Complete Edition (and other games)

As we’ve already stated, the PC keyboard controls in Nioh: Complete Edition are awful. The games does not allow players to remap the keyboard keys, there are no on-screen keyboard indicators, and it does not support the mouse at all. Thankfully, though, PC gamers can use a third-party tool in order to enable mouse support.

In order to force mouse support, we used the GPDSCK tool. What this tool basically does is assign the right stick to the mouse. Created by alex ul, this is a compiled Autohotkey script (GPDSCK requires VJOY, and both of them are included in the package below). As such, players will be able to also remap all the keys to their liking. Hell, bloody, yeah.

We’ve scanned this file with both Avira and Malwaresbytes and did not find any viruses. As such, you should be safe with it as it does not contain any malicious code.

What’s also great here is that this tool can be used in other games that do not support mouse too. Attack on Titan, another KOEI Tecmo game, is a great example. Thanks to this tool, we were able to use the mouse in that title too.

We should note that the mouse movement is not 100% smooth and that’s because the mouse is emulating the right stick. It’s better than nothing, and below you can find a video in which we play Nioh with the mouse+keyboard. However, those expecting smooth native mouse support will be disappointed.

Nioh Complete Edition - 8 minutes of PC gameplay WITH mouse+keyboard

Still, we consider this a must-have tool for those gaming with mouse+keyboard. I mean seriously, the game does not allow you to remap the keys, something that is possible thanks to this tool. Moreover, this proves how easily Team Ninja could have implemented better mouse+keyboard controls in Nioh.

Here is how you can install this tool:

  • Install Vjoy
  • Open GDSPCK.exe
  • Press “Test” and “VJoy Settings”
  • Configure vjoy and game controller settings to match the screenshot “settings.bmp”
  • Change keybinds in GPDSCK to whatever u like ..
  • Press F4 To run the script (F4 is the default key for “run the script” but u can change it to anything else)

Those interested can download this tool from here. Alex ul has also shared an installation video that can be found below!

Nioh PC Mouse Keyboard