Stray feature

Stray has been delayed until early 2022, gets new gameplay trailer

After Ghostwire: Tokyo, Resident Evil Re:Verse, Warhammer 40K: DarktideRainbow Six Extraction, Riders Republic, Kena: Bridge of Spirits and Crimson Desert, here is another game delay. Annapurna has just announced that Stray has been delayed until early 2022.

In addition, the publisher released a new gameplay trailer that you can find below.

Stray is a third-person cat adventure game set amidst the detailed neon-lit alleys of a decaying cybercity and the murky environments of its seedy underbelly. Players will be able to roam surroundings high and low, and defend against unforeseen threats. Moreover, they will solve the mysteries of this unwelcoming place inhabited by nothing but unassuming droids and dangerous creatures.

Annapurna has not revealed the reasons behind this delay. Naturally, this delay will give its dev team enough time to further polish it.


Stray - Gameplay Walkthrough | PS5, PS4