Star Wars Jedi Survivor new screenshot

Respawn focuses on making more money instead of improving the performance of Star Wars: Jedi Survivor

During its latest earnings briefing, Electronic Arts revealed that Respawn is currently focusing on porting Star Wars: Jedi Survivor to old-gen consoles instead of improving its performance and optimization on current-gen platforms. Yeap, instead of fixing and improving the current-gen version, Respawn has decided to milk the cow as much as possible.

This basically confirms what we all originally thought. Star Wars: Jedi Survivor was always a cross-gen game, and not a title that could take advantage of current-gen platforms.

At this point, the gaming media should also start criticizing developers and executives that blatantly lie. Prior to the game’s release, director Stig Asmussen claimed that the game was only possible on current-gen platforms. As Asmussen stated in February 2023.

“Bottom line, we learned quickly that we could take advantage of the faster processors, larger/faster memory, better loading times, etc, to create much larger maps, with more detail, greater density, broader enemy/NPC variety, and overall fidelity.

We didn’t want to break what we did in the first game because it was well received, but we wanted to evolve/enhance the experience. This new generation allowed us to do exactly that, and I believe it translates to a true new-gen experience in the Star Wars universe.”

And yet, despite those claims, here we are with Respawn focusing on porting the game to old-gen consoles. I guess now that the game has completed its “current-gen sales” cycle, it’s possible to port it to old-gen. But hey, do you really expect the media to hold accountable all those execs that lie in front of their faces and during interviews? Of course and they won’t.

Ironically, Star Wars: Jedi Survivor is still a mess on PS5, Xbox Series X and PC. And while PC gamers can brute force their way, PS5 and Xbox Series X owners are still stuck with major framerate drops and really low resolutions.

Want to read something even funnier? The game STILL crashes on Jedha when using Ray Tracing on PC. And although a modder was able to fix it in June 2023, a triple-A studio has not been able to provide an official fix after almost two months.

The last performance patch that Respawn released for Star Wars: Jedi Survivor was in May 2023. After that, the company has been simply fixing bugs and glitches, without providing any additional optimization tweaks. And yes, the game still has stuttering issues, and it still doesn’t officially support DLSS 2.

In short, I don’t expect Respawn to ever address the performance issues of Star Wars: Jedi Survivor on current-gen platforms. My guess is that the team will offer an option to disable the Ray Tracing effects on PS5/Xbox Series X as a means of “optimization“. And that may be the end of Respawn’s attempts to further improve the game’s performance.

And that is that. Gamers should be voting with their wallets, plain and simple. And, since the game sold well, I guess PC and console gamers deserve the way they were treated!