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Star Wars Jedi Survivor modder ridicules Respawn by fixing crucial issues by himself

Steam’s member ‘Snight01’ has released a must-have mod for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. This mod fixes the annoying crashes that could occur on Jedha when using Ray Tracing. Moreover, it resolves the occlusion culling issues that plagued this SW game.

It’s really funny that Respawn has not been able to fix these issues. Yesterday, and after a whole month, Respawn released a new PC patch. And, surprise surprise, the aforementioned issues were still present in it.

The fact that a modder was able to fix these issues so easily is funny and depressing. It’s funny because modders have decided to give Respawn the finger and fix the game themselves. On the other hand, it’s depressing because in 2023 the developers can’t even fix their own games. And while PC gamers can at least enjoy the game, the console version of Jedi Survivor is still in an awful state. Man, what a clusterfuck.

This is the second time that Respawn has dropped the ball. Say what you will about Naughty Dog or Warner Bros, but both of them fixed the major technical issues of The Last of Us Part I and Gotham Knights. On the other hand, Star Wars Fallen Order still suffers from traversal stutters. And, at this point, you should not expect Respawn to address the stuttering issues in Jedi Survivor. That won’t ever happen.

You can download the mod from here.

All hail modders!