Star Wars Jedi Survivor new feature

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Looks 10X Better with DLSS 2

Modder ‘PureDark’ has successfully implemented DLSS 2 in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and shared a comparison between his DLSS 2 Mod and FSR 2.0.

For this comparison, PureDark moved rapidly the camera while capturing the screenshots. And, as you can see, the DLSS 2 Mod looks SIGNIFICANTLY better than the official FSR 2.0 implementation.

What’s really funny here is that this isn’t even an official DLSS 2 implementation, meaning that it could have looked even better. This also shows why Respawn should have added support for DLSS 2 from the get-go.

As PureDark pointed out, this DLSS 2 Mod will only improve the game’s image quality on the NVIDIA RTX series GPUs. Performance-wise, DLSS 2 and FSR 2.0 perform identically in this title.

For those wondering, this mod is not yet available for download to the public. PureDark’s DLSS 3 Frame Generation is also still behind a Patreon wall.

Let’s hope that the modder will release these mods to the public for free. Until then, enjoy the following comparison. The image on the left is with FSR 2.0 and the image on the right is with DLSS 2!

Jedi Survivor FSR 2.0 comparisonJedi Survivor DLSS 2.0 comparison