Command & Conquer: Generals 2 won’t feature Single Player Campaign; fans create a petition for a proper PC game

Man, things are not looking good for Command & Conquer: Generals 2, the Frostbite 2 engine game that has joined EA’s F2P plans. Truth be told, we were looking forward to its Single Player mode as it had the potential to be as epic as ever, especially if we take into consideration the destructible environemnts that would be featured. Or at least that’s what we were hoping. However, SP fans are not EA’s target group. Bioware Victory’s general manager, John Van Caneghem, told PCGamer that the game will ship without a single player mode.
Naturally, Command & Conquer fans got upset and decided to create a petition for a proper, triple-A PC game. According to the petition’s description, the game’s community got annoyed with EA’s choices as they are scrapping the single player portion of the game, and making it an online only, multi player game.
“The game that Command and Conquer fans have waited almost a decade for, is being turned into another free to play game, which forces the player to pay real money to buy aspects of the game to help them win.”
The petition’s goal is to get 1500 signs, and there are already 1000 signs. A great first step, though we are pretty sure that nothing noteworthy will come out of it. But then again, one can still dream… right?
Bioware Victory might add a Single Player mode at a later date, and we can already see how this mode will be promoted:
“EA has listened to its fans and is introducing an SP mode to C&C F2P, a mode that is packed with an amazing storyline that will satisfy each and every one of you. We are giving our fans what they’ve always wanted, and we are doing it right.”
Or with something like that.
Bet that it will also come with additional missions that can be bought, much like the mission-based DLCs of most modern games.