Galaxy on Fire 2 Full HD is available now on the PC

In co-operation with bitComposer, the multi-award-winning open space saga Galaxy on Fire 2 is now available for Windows PC with Full HD visuals and complete English and German voice-over as boxed copy as well as digital download via Steam and Origin for €14.99 / $19.99 / £13.99. For a limited time only, Origin is celebrating the PC release of the epic outer space adventure with a 20% discount. The critically acclaimed sci-fi saga with a spectacular Metacritic score of 90 is the first title of the Hamburg-based premium game developer Fishlabs Entertainment which successfully made the transgression from mobile to PC.
Michael Schade, CEO of Fishlabs Entertainment said:
“The PC version of Galaxy on Fire 2 is a very important milestone for our company and everyone at the studio is extremely proud of it. When we released the first installment of the GOF saga seven years ago, we brought the once-so-popular genre of the sci-fi shooter back to life on mobile devices and when the title finally made it to the iPhone and iPad, it quickly set new standards for AAA space games on the App Store. And now we’re ready to turn the page and lift the Galaxy on Fire saga to a whole new level.  The instance, that a mobile game covers the whole distance from Java to PC, is pretty unique and it is a wonderful example of how fast mobile gaming evolves these days and which direction the whole games industry is going to take in the future!”
According to its press release, in Galaxy on Fire 2 Full HD the player will not only be able to explore a vast, living galaxy with more than 20 different star systems, 100 individual space stations and 30 fully customizable space ships, but he will also be able to follow a rich and engrossing story line with full English voice acting.
Galaxy on Fire 2 Full HD for Windows PC by FISHLABS - Official Trailer