Sons of Skyrim Mod

This Skyrim Special Edition Mod adds Nordic-style armor & weapons

NordwarUA has released a cool new mod for Skyrim Special Edition that adds several sets of Nordic-style armor and weapons to the game.

As the modder noted, the main purpose of this mod was to create models similar to historical models with the addition of fantasy elements.

“The first task I set for myself was to create Nordic armor for rebel soldiers. Soldier’s armor has six variations ranging from the simplest and cheapest to heavy and expensive armor. Added options for helmets, gloves, boots, as well as a cloak and fur collar, which are randomly combined with options for armor and also randomly distributed to soldiers. The exception is the Windhelm Guard, which has only heavy guard armor. I also added several variants of weapons that stylistically match the armor. Moreover, I created a special elite type of armor and weapons for officers. I also renamed the old bear skin armor and added to the smithy’s recipes.”

Model grids have three times more triangles than standard game models. Additionally, there are 4K textures for helmets, gloves and boots.

You can download the mod from here.

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Have fun!