Mass Effect 3 Diversification Project Mod

Mass Effect 3 Remastered Mod overhauls species & diversifies NPCs

Elcor, Appreciation and Society have released a pretty cool mod for Mass Effect 3 Remastered/Legendary Edition that aims to overhaul and diversify the game’s NPCs.

According to the team, this mod brings better species’ population balancing, and outfit/appearance diversification. As such, Mass Effect 3 will now have more diversified NPCs (in a good way).

It’s also worth noting that this mod will work as a foundation for new content introduced by content mods such as Spectre Expansion Mod.

This project is currently in ALPHA and is only partially complete. It’s also compatible with the A Lot Of Textures Mod. Theoretically, it should also be compatible with the Happy Ending Mod. It should also be compatible with the Mass Effect 3 Legendary Edition Community Patch.

You can download the mod from here.

Have fun!

LE3 Diversification Project - Alpha Trailer