Grand Theft Auto San Andreas new feature

This AI-enhanced Mod for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas overhauls all of its textures

Modder ‘flyaway888’ has released a new AI-enhanced mod for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas that overhauls all of its textures. In order to showcase these improved textures, the modder also released a video that you can find below.

By using AI tools, the modder was able to upscale the original textures by eight times. As such, the new textures look more detailed, and retain the art style of their original versions.

Unfortunately, though, flyaway888 did not upload the pack to ModDB or NexusMods. Instead, the modder decided to use AdFly and another hosting website (you can find the links in the video description). Now I don’t want to be an ass, but AdFly forces you to enable notifications (otherwise it won’t provide you the download link). This is a major pain in the ass, so I thought I should warn you about it.

I seriously hope the modder will provide another link for this pack. However, and until then, we suggest taking a look at another AI-enhanced HD Texture Pack from modder Kadakash. While the results may not be similar, you can at least freely download this mod.

Speaking of GTA San Andreas, I also suggest taking a look at the SA_DirectX 2.0 mod. Additionally, Marty McFly released in 2016 a pretty cool mod for GTA San Andreas. Graphics Enhancement 3 adds Physically-based Skydome, Physically-based Rendering, New Water Shaders, Volumetric Clouds, Volumetric Fog, Volumetric Light Scattering (in other words, Godrays), Automated Normal Mapping, Procedural Timecycle, Procedural Raindrops (as well as rain puddles and raindrop ripples), Screenspace Reflections, and Star Shaders at night.


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