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Race To The Bottom is a fully voiced DLC-sized Mod for Fallout New Vegas

Modder ‘cgy95’ has released a fully voiced DLC-sized mod for Fallout New Vegas, called Race To The Bottom. According to the modder, Race To The Bottom is around the same size as the Automatron DLC from Fallout 4, packing almost 2 hours of gameplay.

In Race To The Bottom, players will track down the assailants and explore a large new dungeon with difficult decisions to be made along the way.

The mod promises multiple ways of solving each objective, allowing a decent amount of replayability. Moreover, it features a new faction to interact with and a roleplay/dialogue focused gameplay. Additionally, it’s possible to complete this new mod/quest without killing any enemy.

You can download Race To The Bottom from here.

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Have fun!

Fallout: New Vegas Race To The Bottom - Mod Trailer