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Mass Effect 3 Legendary Edition Community Patch released

Earlier this week, we informed you about a Community Patch for Mass Effect Legendary Edition. That patch featured fixes, tweaks and improvements for the first game/remaster. And today, the modding team has released a Community Patch for Mass Effect 3 Remastered/Legendary Edition.

Similarly to the Community Patch for the first remaster, this new one aims to fix, tweak and improve numerous things in Mass Effect 3 Remastered. As such, we highly recommend downloading and installing it.

In addition to the Community Patch, a separate mod called the Community Framework has also been included. The goal of the framework is to allow for modification of NPCs without the need for compatibility patches.

Going into slightly more details, this Community Patch fixes various grammatical issues. It also fixes numerous clipping issues, as well as Joker’s black teeth.

You can download the Community Patch for Mass Effect 3 Legendary Edition from here.

Have fun!