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Mass Effect 3 Remastered Audemus’ Happy Ending Mod Released

Modders ‘Audemus’ has released Audemus’ Happy Ending Mod for Mass Effect 3 Remastered. As the title suggests, this mod aims to improve the game’s controversial ending.

Going into more details, AHEM is a rework of the ending to LE3, and a spiritual successor to the Happy Ending Mod. The primary focus of the mod is to allow Commander Shepard to survive the final mission, as well as provide satisfying closure to this incredible trilogy through tweaked cutscenes, edited videos, new ending slides, and an overhauled memorial scene.

Before continuing, you can download the mod from here. And now for some spoilers.

Thanks to this mod, the Starchild/Catalyst is no longer present in the ending. This is something that may please some gamers. However, you can still get a dark ending if your EMS is low.

The mod also attempts to make the Crucible docking scene more exciting and tense. Additionally, the Crucible is no longer space-magic.

Kudos to our reader “Bruce” for bringing this to our attention!

Audemus' Happy Ending Mod | Mass Effect Legendary Edition