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Half-Life 2: Episode Three Minimalist Mod available for download

Modder ‘sciencedude’ has released the first mod based on Marc Laidlaw’s Epistle Three. The plot of Epistle Three is basically what Half-Life 2: Episode Three was meant to be, so this is something that some Half-Life 2 fans may find interesting.

The story of “Epistle 3” details the journey of Gertrude Fremont and Alex Vaunt to the Antarctic to find the mysterious ship known as the Hyperborea.

Do note that this mod is not related to the other Half-Life 2: Episode Three mods we shared in the past. Moreover, this is a minimalist mod, meaning that it has numerous placeholder graphics.

Seriously, do not expect anything polished. I’ve also included a video below that can give you an idea of what this mod really is.

For what it’s worth, there is no ETA on when – and if – Boreal Alyph will come out. A year ago, the team released a gameplay video and stated that the mod is still in an early state. The same goes for Project Borealis (though you can at least download a tech demo of it from here).

So yeah, the only playable Half Life 2 Episode Three mod right now is this one. And, you can download it from here. Just don’t expect much from it.

Have fun!