Performance tech demo for the Half Life 3 unofficial game, Project Borealis, is now available for download

Back in August we informed you about a tech demo that was under development for the Half Life 3 unofficial game, Project Borealis. And today, we are happy to report that this tech demo is available for download.

According to the developers, the Project Borealis performance test is a comprehensive analysis of a system’s performance under its current working environment. This test shows the progress on performance so far and the team hopes to make more progress before releasing the Ravenholm tech demo.

What this ultimately means is that this first tech demo does not feature any meaningful gameplay sections from the game. As such, the Ravenholm tech demo will be more representative of the game that the team aims to create, though we don’t have any ETA on when that demo will be released.

Still, it’s good knowing that the Project Borealis team is dedicated to this project and may actually complete it (I mean, even if we don’t get the full Half-Life 3 fan game, we will get a proper tech demo).

Those interested can download the performance tech demo for Project Borealis from its official website.

Have fun!

Project Borealis - Performance Test