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Duke Nukem Forever: Enhanced Mod 1.1 available for download

Modder ‘vini1264’ has released a new version of Duke Nukem Forever: Enhanced. Duke Nukem Forever: Enhanced is a mod for the 2011 release of DNF that aims to improve the gameplay of the original game and make it play more like a classic shooter.

Going into more details, this mod removes sprinting and makes the player move faster by default. Additionally, it increases jump height and swimming speed (players can also hold their breath underwater for 45 seconds instead of 15). Furthermore, the mod removes the 2/4 weapon limit, removes the Depth of Field effects, and forces a first-person mode for the game’s driving sections.

All in all, these gameplay tweaks aim to make the game a bit better than its vanilla/original version.

Version 1.1 also comes with some tech improvements. For instance, it features a new shader cache system, aiming to eliminate any stuttering issues. This version also packs optional Vulkan rendering, as well as improved textures and HUD visuals.

You can download this mod from here. You can also find below some screenshots for it.

Have fun!

Duke Nukem Forever Enhanced Mod screenshots-1Duke Nukem Forever Enhanced Mod screenshots-2Duke Nukem Forever Enhanced Mod screenshots-3 Duke Nukem Forever Enhanced Mod screenshots-4Duke Nukem Forever Enhanced Mod screenshots-5Duke Nukem Forever Enhanced Mod screenshots-6