Elden Ring’s The Garden of Eyes overhaul mod adds a class-based progression system

The team behind The Garden of Eyes overhaul mod for Elden Ring has released a new update that adds a class-based progression system to it.

As the team noted, this new concept takes the idea of starting classes a step further, allowing each class to start from a completely different region in the game.

“This isn’t just about a change of scenery – we’ve redesigned the enemy and boss scaling, upgrade materials, and item pickups to match your starting area, making each class’s journey unique and different for each class.”

In order to showcase the mod, the team shared the following video. This video also covers the redesigned areas and the exciting new challenges waiting for you in the updated Elden Ring universe.

Now the bad news here is that The Garden of Eyes Mod is behind a Patreon wall. So yeah, most of you won’t be able to experience it.

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Have fun!