Elden Ring Resurrection

Elden Ring Resurrection Mod released, aiming to improve the game’s combat, exploration and character building

Modder ‘Valthryn’ has shared a new mod for Elden Ring, called Elden Ring Resurrection. This mod makes changes and improvements to the game’s gameplay systems, gear progression, and animations. Additionally, it brings entirely new gameplay mechanics and an optional custom camera.

Those interested can download Elden Ring Resurrection from here. Below you can also find its key features.

  • Improved deflection mechanics, particularly on small shields and weapons
  • Significant balance adjustments to all player combat animations (weapon movesets, casting movesets and weapon skills)
  • Infusable Somber weapons
  • Reworked and enhanced Talismans, including new variants and completely new functionality – no more useless or obsolete talismans!
  • Rebalanced clothes and armors – adjusted weight and absorption values for anything that you put on your body
  • Unique armor effects applied to all clothing and armor sets, ranging from simple stat increases to complex effects that get stronger as you fight
  • Spellsword functionality (Quick Casting) – Right hand weapons now possess fully functional spellcasting with the right character builds
  • Magic improvements – Balance adjustments have been made to all spells including damage, FP/stamina costs and spell lifetimes
  • Magic economy overhaul – No more chugging blue flasks or waiting for regeneration! FP now regenerates when landing successful attacks with offensive spells and incantations, with each spell and incantation having its own regeneration parameters
  • Adjusted boss fight mechanics, including you know who
  • Adjusted enemy scaling game-wide
  • Improved consumables – improved talisman enhancements for consumables, rebalanced grease effects that don’t dissipate when switching weapons, etc.
  • Rebalanced Great Runes – Godrick and Morgott no longer have the only good runes
  • New NG+ gear progression 

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Have fun!