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Dark Souls 3 gets a 24GB 4K Texture Pack, aiming to overhaull all textures

Modder ‘Bardo’ has released a 4K Texture Pack for Dark Souls 3 that weighs around 24GB in size, and aims to overhaul all of the game’s textures.

Going into more details, Bardo has enhanced over 5000 textures, replacing them with high-resolution counterparts. In total, the modder has edited and replaced over 1500 textures. Furthermore, all textures were upscaled to 4K resolution, including half-sized normal maps.

This is basically a must-have pack for Dark Souls 3 fans, and we highly recommend downloading it.

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You can download the 4K Texture Pack from here. Below you can also find some screenshots that showcase the improved textures.


Dark Souls 3 4K Texture Pack screenshots-1Dark Souls 3 4K Texture Pack screenshots-2Dark Souls 3 4K Texture Pack screenshots-3 Dark Souls 3 4K Texture Pack screenshots-4Dark Souls 3 4K Texture Pack screenshots-5Dark Souls 3 4K Texture Pack screenshots-6