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Resident Evil 7 Alpha screenshots leaked, featuring Leon Kennedy

Industry insider ‘Dusk Golem’ has shared some details and screenshots for the early versions of Resident Evil 7. According to Dusk Golem, Resident Evil 7 was originally meant to have a third-person perspective, and feature Leon S. Kennedy and Sherry.

Resident Evil 7 would have a similar gameplay to the previous Resident Evil games. The game would take place in a city, loosely inspired by Venice. Furthermore, it would have “Choice” moments where time slowed down and you’d have a period to make a choice of some kind. Not only that, but it had a water-based BOW focus.

To be honest, I’m quite happy with how Resident Evil 7 turned out. While it didn’t have any of our favourite characters, it was a great game. It also brought back the series to a more “horror” style.

Anyway, it’s really cool witnessing screenshots from older/canceled Resident Evil projects. And, if you are die-hard fans of the series, I’m sure you’ll appreciate these screenshots.


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