Dark Souls III feature 2

Dark Souls 3 Mod rebalances and adds new weapons & spells to the game

Modder ‘Rombodawg’ has released a new gameplay mod for Dark Souls 3. According to the modder, PVP Enhanced Mod re-balances its weapons and spells, and adds a new weapon and spells to the game in a DLC-like fashion.

Do note that you should not use this mod on the official servers. This mod is only for the Dark Souls 3 Banned/Penalized servers.

Unfortunately, the modder has not provided a list of changes. All we know is that the mod brings 32 new spells, 1 new weapon, and items to the shrine handmaids shop that previously were inaccessible.

I also find it ironic that this mod is called “PVP Enhanced”. After all, you can’t really use it in the official servers so what’s the point of that name? There is also a really amateurish trailer for it that runs at around 10fps. So yeah, I won’t be linking to that as it will hurt your eyes.

But anyway, you can download the mod from here. And since this might not be enough for some of you, there is also another mod that brings items and icons from Bloodborne to Dark souls 3. You can download this Bloodborne mod from here. And, if you don’t find these two mods interesting, you can go ahead and try the Elite Knights Original Weapons Mod.

Have fun!