Dark Souls III feature 2

Dark Souls Archthrones is a Demon’s Souls-inspired mod for Dark Souls 3

A team of modders is currently working on a Demon’s Souls-inspired mod for Dark Souls 3, and released two new gameplay videos for it. According to the team, Archthrones aims to bring some mechanics from Demon’s Souls, such as world layout, soul form, world tendency, etc.

Archthrones will provide players with a completely new way to experience Dark Souls 3. Every map will be redesigned in some way to fit the new narrative. Additionally, every boss fight will be completely new with 3D models, as well as animations from other FromSoftware titles.

The team also plans to add many new enemies, NPC questlines and many secrets to find. Furthermore, it will rearrange the world of DS3 into 5 separate realms, each with their own story.

Dark Souls Archthrones sounds promising. Unfortunately, though, there is no ETA on when it will come out.

Enjoy the following videos and stay tuned for more!

Outrider Knight Enemy Showcase [OUTDATED]

Dark Sun Knight Enemy Showcase [OUTDATED]