Dark Souls 3 Ashen Blood Mod

Dark Souls 3 Ashen Blood is a single-player Bloodborne-based overhaul mod, demo released

Modder ‘Jennisaurus715’ has released a demo for Ashen Blood; a single-player focused, Bloodborne-adjacent overhaul mod for Dark Souls 3.

As the modder noted, this mod alters gameplay, weapons, enemies, map design, visual effects, and soon to be more. This demo is meant to be an early test before the release of Elden Ring, so the player will be limited to Firelink, Undead Settlement, and Ariandel.

Unfortunately, the modder did not share any video or other additional details. Still, you can go ahead and download the demo from here. Below you can also find its installation instructions.

  • Unpack your game with UXM
  • Extract the folder and 2 files below into your game directory
    – Ashen Blood Demo folder
    – dinput8.dll
    – modengine.ini
  • Set to start offline with new save file

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Have fun!