DSOGaming – Strider – First 10 Minutes Playthrough

The remake of Strider has just been released and Capcom has provided us with a review code. As with all such titles, below you can read our first impressions with it and enjoy the game’s 10 first minutes.

Strider begins in the expansive metropolis of Kazakh City, a mix of ornate Russian architecture and hard-edged futuristic high-rise buildings with sprawling energy cables and pipework.

At first, Strider himself feels a bit weak. Players will not have access to all his abilities from the get-go, meaning that they’ll need to gradually gain them. During the first minutes, this becomes a little annoying. Once you upgrade your health and gain access to some abilities, though, the game becomes really enjoyable.

Although the PC version of Strider runs great, the game is packed with some ridiculous issues. First and foremost; you cannot edit the control scheme while you are in game. PC gamers have found a workaround, though, so make sure to read this guide. Still, this is inexcusable.

Not only that, but Strider PC suffers from a resolution issue. PC gamers will have to select a random resolution to fix a problematic aspect ratio issue and once that is fixed, they can go ahead and select their preferable resolution.

Keep also in mind that Strider PC is a 64-bit game, so not; it will not run on 32-bit operating systems.

Strider packs gorgeous colorful 3D visuals with lots of particles effects, and its character animations are top notch. On the other hand, however, its audio is a bit underwhelming. There is something lacking to give an ‘extra punch’, and most – if not all – of the voices are average at best.

Furthermore, keep in mind that most of you will not immediately get used to Strider’s movement, meaning that there is learning curve that might put off a number of players.

For what is worth, we enjoyed Strider. While it’s not THE best platform game we’ve experienced, it gets its job done without making you angry or unhappy. Oh, and it’s great controlling that legendary ninja once again.

Strider is currently priced at 14,99€ on Steam.


DSOGaming - Strider - First 10 Minutes Playthrough