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User’s Articles: Should game developers take another chance?

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Written by Harris/eaze2009
You know, time after time, there comes a game which has a really amazing concept but the gameplay falls short of amazing, even though you can see its potential. Today, I will be looking at some games that were really ambitious but they either, didn’t sell well or were not polished in terms of gameplay. It is games like these that I really wish, developers would take another chance with and try to release a better sequel or prequel… or even reboot them entirely. Continue reading User’s Articles: Should game developers take another chance?

User’s Articles: Biggest Videogame Surprises of 2012

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Written by Harris/eaze2009
Amidst every blockbuster release each year, for some gamers, some titles just don’t stand up to the rest in terms of anticipation. This is maybe either due to a bad first impression from demos or due to the fact that they might be sequels to games that were disappointing. However, some of these games outperform their expectations and are ultimately a finer part of gaming. This personal list is a pick of those games which I believe were not only better than expected but also better than most games that year. Also do note that, these are not in any significant order and are only those that were available on all three major platforms which includes the PS3, PC and Xbox 360. Continue reading User’s Articles: Biggest Videogame Surprises of 2012

User’s Articles – Videogames Are Art

Written by Harris/eaze2009
Recently, Mr. Jonathan Jones, an Art Critic for the UK based newspaper “Guardian” claimed that he was against video games for being an art form and having them on display on museums. His argument in his quote was this: “Walk around the Museum of Modern Art, look at those masterpieces it holds by Picasso and Jackson Pollock, and what you are seeing is a series of personal visions. A work of art is one person’s reaction to life. Any definition of art that robs it of this inner response by a human creator is a worthless definition. Art may be made with a paintbrush or selected as a ready-made, but it has to be an act of personal imagination.” Continue reading User’s Articles – Videogames Are Art

User’s Articles: GTA Retrospective: Evolution Of A Series

Written by Harris/eaze2009
It has been more than a decade since GTA was first released but did you know that Grand Theft Auto was originally planned to be called “Race N Chase” and it was almost cancelled? Also what is up with the controversy this series has faced over the years? When the series was first started in 1997, there would’ve been a few who would’ve expected it to become a breakthrough and inspiration to modern gaming but seeing where it stands today is absolutely amazing. So, in anticipation for the trailer this Wednesday the 14th, let’s take a brief trip down memory lane and see how GTA has evolved over the decade with its most popular titles and what problems it has faced. Continue reading User’s Articles: GTA Retrospective: Evolution Of A Series

User’s Articles – Dishonored PC Review

Written by Vladimir Rosenkov
When was the last time you played a truly awesome stealth game? The answer to this question for most people is going to be perhaps Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (though Thief III: Deadly Shadows was also good). With the Splinter Cell franchise becoming more action oriented, the lack of stealth games will be immediately noticed. Well, Dishonored has come to fill that – possible – gap. Continue reading User’s Articles – Dishonored PC Review

User’s Articles: Lucius Review

Written by Harris/eaze2009
Halloween is fast approaching and what better way to get into the spirit than by playing a horror game. Developed by Shiver Games, Lucius is a unique third person hybrid of action and horror-adventure gameplay. This game has you starring as a six year old boy who must orchestrate the death of his household members in clever ways due to his father Lucifer’s (Yep, that’s the devil.) demand. But that’s not all; as you must make sure that your “incidents” appear as accidents to avoid suspicion. If I was to compare it to a movie, it would most definitely be to ‘The Omen’ as the setting and story is pretty similar aside from the fact that in this game the child himself kills rather than a supernatural force. So there will be times when the narrative feels unoriginal, but nonetheless is nicely presented with great cinematics and some good voice work, save for a few annoying ones like those for the Latina maids. Continue reading User’s Articles: Lucius Review

User’s Articles: 5 games that need to be on PC

Written by Harris/eaze2009
Before starting, I would like to let everyone know that this is an opinion article and the ways I’ve arranged the games are mostly due to my preference of gaming. Also the choices are games that are likely to be ported, so you won’t see me list out First-Party games like Uncharted or Halo. I will be considering multi-platform titles only in this piece. Continue reading User’s Articles: 5 games that need to be on PC

User’s Articles – 5 reasons for horror fans to look forward to Asylum

Written by Haris/Eaze2009
Planned for a release next year on PC, Asylum will take players through a decayed and torn setting in which danger lurks in every corner and every room has its own disturbing history to tell. It is currently in development by Senscape, a company over in Argentina that was founded by Agustín Cordes, the talented designer of the cult favorite and award winning Scratches. An interactive teaser for Asylum, which can also be counted as a brief demo, was released for the game last month. In it, players are given a taste of the games unsettling ambiance, which they can expect from the finished product; and after playing that demo myself, I have come up with five reasons which I believe, is why classic horror fans should look forward to the game. Continue reading User’s Articles – 5 reasons for horror fans to look forward to Asylum

User’s Articles: Singularity – Retrospective Review & Performance Overview

Written by Vladimir Rosenkov
Singularity is a multi-platform game which is developed by Raven Software, published by Activision and released on 25th June, 2010 on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. The game is mainly about an element called E-99, located, on a small island called Katorga-12, just near the Russian mainland. This element has time manipulation abilities and can ‘alter the time of an object’. The Soviet Union discovers this element during the World War II, and starts “weaponizing” it after hearing about America’s nuclear stockpile and warfare. During the same time, there was an accident that led to a huge explosion. This explosion killed several people instantly and the lucky ones who survived, mutated. Continue reading User’s Articles: Singularity – Retrospective Review & Performance Overview

User’s Articles: I Am Alive – PC Performance Overview

Written By Vladimir Rosenkov

After announcing the cancellation of I Am Alive’s PC version, Ubisoft decided to reconsider it, and finally release it. The game was released to the PC on September 4th and here is a performance overview for it. As we all know, The Last of Us won’t be coming to PC, meaning that I Am Alive is probably the closest you’ll ever get to it. It’s also a shame that Crytek’s project – of a similar game – got cancelled. Continue reading User’s Articles: I Am Alive – PC Performance Overview