User’s Articles: 5 games that need to be on PC

Written by Harris/eaze2009
Before starting, I would like to let everyone know that this is an opinion article and the ways I’ve arranged the games are mostly due to my preference of gaming. Also the choices are games that are likely to be ported, so you won’t see me list out First-Party games like Uncharted or Halo. I will be considering multi-platform titles only in this piece.
Once in a while, some unique games are released which become a must play on the radar of many gamers but unfortunately most gamers never get to experience them. Which gamers are they, you may ask. They are non-other than the PC gamers who game exclusively on their PC. Not only that but some games look like they can have a lot of potential on PC with all that untapped power. So listed below are the games I think that Pc gamers should get to enjoy or that they would look and work great on PC.
5. Fight Night
One genre I believe PC really lacks in is the simulation-esque Boxing/Fighting genre. The consoles get tons of great fighting games but they are rarely to be found anywhere on PC. There a lot of fighting game fans I know out there who will love to be able to play these games on PC since they don’t really have consoles. Also most of the games look really stellar, such as the Fight Night series, it has some advanced animation mechanics and shading effects, which in my opinion can be really enhanced on PC with extra resolution and more processing power.
4. Mortal Kombat
As John once reported on this site, Ed Boon, the creative director of the game was interested in releasing a PC version since he felt that there was an audience for fighting games on PC in Europe. Unfortunately that never did happen but totally should have, as in my opinion, Mortal Kombat is one of the best fighting games this gen, with unique mechanics such as the X-ray transitions and a fun gameplay that is satisfying to no end. Also as I mentioned before, PC lacks in the area of blockbuster fighting games but has a user base that really enjoys them such as the Street Fighter crowd and the old MK fans that played it on PC originally. This game can be really special on PC if it decides to make use of Physx effects that can give this title an edge on PC. Just think about all that blood spilling everywhere. (No, I’m not mentally unstable)
3. Army of Two
Sure this title might have been a hit and miss on the radars of many critics but gamers enjoy this franchise nonetheless as it offers solid co-op mechanics that go hand in hand with the tactical gameplay and map design, and we all know that PC has the biggest fanbase that love tactical games which are both challenging and fun. One aspect that the Army of Two franchise can really improve on is at using better and larger textures, as at times the game looks underwhelming and washed down on consoles, so there are times when with better textures the game would look beautiful. It can also really upgrade its destruction mechanics with the resources that are available on a PC. Also it would be great if it features split-screen like the original Kane and Lynch as it would definitely be a welcome feature from many gamers.
2. Silent Hill Downpour
Honestly, I understand that there is no lack of good horror games on PC with games like amnesia and the upcoming Asylum which looks really promising, but they’re games which are mostly adventure oriented and PC does not have many action oriented horror games, besides one of the main reasons that this needs to come to PC is due to the huge amount of fans who want to play this title but aren’t willing to play on a console, not because they hate it or don’t have one but because they started this franchise on PC most notably with Silent Hill 2 which is praised as one of the best psychological horror game of all time. Even I think Silent Hill is best experienced on PC, close to the screen with the lights off and headphones on, it creates for a different kind of ambiance.
I recently got downpour on PS3 but I just don’t feel the scare I used to, not because this game isn’t as good as the previous Silent Hill games, in fact I think it’s a great silent hill game and am enjoying it but it doesn’t feel so scary on a big screen as it does on a close monitor. Also there are times I think the screen is stretched and you can see the lack of Anti-Aliasing options. Lastly the game really could use better textures at some points. Also they don’t need to release this as a retail copy, seeing as how it didn’t sell well on the consoles so maybe they can follow the Homecoming route and release it digitally only.
1. Red Dead Redemption
Ok this is probably the most wanted title on PC right now, and it is really baffling why it isn’t on PC yet. I mean, just think about the open world gameplay and the already beautiful graphics that can really benefit from higher versions of Direct X with some settings that would look great with tessellation. Most people were skeptic since they thought it would be a shoddy port similar to what GTA 4 was on PC, but fortunately, Rockstar seems to have been getting a hang of it and had released an amazing PC version of Max Payne 3 that ran great on a wide range of systems.
The main reason why I think it should be on PC isn’t a technical one though but its because I think of Red Dead Redemption as one of the most unique games this gen that has great gameplay and an amazing story with interesting character development. Simply put, it is a game that should be enjoyed by more people than it is now.