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Days Gone PC Review: Tormented, Yet Triumphant

Days Gone is a narrative strong, open world zombie game first released exclusively on PS4 in 2019. Now on PC, the game behind this rock-solid, ultra-smooth port is basically a quality amalgamation of Grand Theft Auto, The Last of Us, Far Cry, and Red Dead Redemption. As such, many players may find the game too familiar and clichéd. For those willing to dig deeper, Days Gone sets itself apart with its compelling story about loss, grief, vengeance, and coping with the aftermath. Continue reading Days Gone PC Review: Tormented, Yet Triumphant

Resident Evil Village PC Review: Theme Park Terror

Resident Evil Village is engaging and fun, but it can’t escape the obvious comparisons to past games in the series. Still, new players will find much to love in this accessible and carefully scripted ‘theme park’ adventure. For longtime fans, Village may feel a bit too familiar, like a curious knock-off of prior games. Continue reading Resident Evil Village PC Review: Theme Park Terror

Little Nightmares II PC Review

Horror games have earned a reputation for being some of the most engrossing experiences in gaming history, and Little Nightmares II has no intention to disappoint this legacy. As an engaging puzzle platformer crafted within a nerve-shredding horror experience, Tarsier Studios’s latest game is guaranteed to haunt most players even long after the credits roll. Continue reading Little Nightmares II PC Review

The Medium PC Review

The survival horror genre celebrated a golden age under the PlayStation 2, but it seems as if these games are becoming an endangered species in recent times. A few titles like The Evil Within and recent Resident Evil remakes do a good job at keeping the dream alive, but let’s face it: That classic flavour of horror always becomes diluted with too many jump scares and a stronger focus on action. Continue reading The Medium PC Review

Dirt 5 PC Review

Whereas bolting a wheel and pedals to a desk was once enough to call yourself a simulation rally racer, this sub-genre of gaming has since evolved into something far more elaborate. Today’s sim fanatics build up colossal, multi-monitor racing rigs fitted with custom-made gauges. They even wear helmets and buy licensed peripherals covered with the hide of a real dead cow. To them, titles like Dirt Rally (or F1) are no longer games; they are the means to invite the real experience of motorsport into their homes.

Continue reading Dirt 5 PC Review

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Review: Stellar SP, Same-Old MP, Scrawny Zombies

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is an extremely solid Call of Duty. You get a superbly stylish spy-style single-player campaign with dialogue choices, optional missions, and multiple endings. Its multiplayer mode is sprawling-but-typical, with a few excellent new ideas. Moreover, this year’s Zombies Mode is arguably the most accessible Zombies Mode to date (though it lacks content, at least for now). Continue reading Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Review: Stellar SP, Same-Old MP, Scrawny Zombies

Serious Sam 4 PC Review

When it comes to making sequels for the Serious Sam games, Croteam tends to follow a rather radical strategy. With the release of every new Serious Sam installment, this talented studio has grown increasingly ambitious in experimenting with their I.P.’s visual style and content. Their method seems to have paid off because despite the core gameplay staying relatively static over the years, every sequel managed to offer a surprisingly fresh experience. So, enter Serious Sam 4. Continue reading Serious Sam 4 PC Review

Star Wars Squadrons PC Review

Let me start this review by saying that I was a big fan of the original X-Wing, Tie Fighter and X-Wing vs Tie Fighter games. I absolutely loved them. So the news of – dare I say – a “spiritual successor” had me excited. I haven’t been interested in an EA published title for quite a while now for numerous reasons, but Star Wars Squadrons appeared to have a lot of potential. Add to that the fact that it would not contain any MTX, and that it would not be a “live service” game and… well… I was really optimistic about it. Continue reading Star Wars Squadrons PC Review