Dragon Age Inquisition Unreal Engine 5

Take a look at Dragon Age Inquisition in Unreal Engine 5

In June 2021, we shared a video showcasing Dragon Age Inquisition in Unreal Engine 5. Created by Leo Torres, that video showed off the game’s The Crow Fens environment in Epic’s engine. And earlier today, Torres released a brand new video from it.

Torres has gone back to his fan remake and optimised the workflow – all the little tips and tricks that Unreal 5 brings to the table – including all the bugs and quirks of Nanite and Lumen.

The end result is stunning. Dragon Age Inquisition already looked great thanks to DICE’s Frostbite Engine, but this fan remake looks way better. And, since there are rumors that the next Dragon Age game will use Unreal Engine, this video may give us a hint at what it will look like.

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I remade a Dragon Age Level in Unreal Engine 5: The Crow Fens Pt.2 in [UE5]