Resident Evil Fan Remake

Resident Evil – Unity Engine vs 2002 Remake Comparison

In October 2022, we shared a demo for a fan remake of the first Resident Evil game in Unity Engine. However, in December 2022, Capcom shut down this fan remake, alongside one for Resident Evil: Code Veronica. And last week, Briins Croft shared a comparison video between this fan remake and the original 2002 GameCube Remake.

This comparison video will give you a glimpse at the visual and graphical improvements that this project aimed to achieve. As such, we highly recommend watching it. Yes, the project is dead. However, I really love this kind of comparison videos.

In this fan remake, players would be able to manage their inventory and find defense knives to quickly run away from a zombie about to bite them. Additionally, they’d be able to use their flashlight whenever they wanted. The remake was also meant to have a dodge mechanic and a good amount of weapons to choose from.

Speaking of Resident Evil fan remakes, we also suggest taking a look at this Unreal Engine Remake. Created by MoonGlint, this fan remake features the iconic Spencer Mansion. A version of it also used fixed camera angles. However, this project is not available for download to the public.


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