Resident Evil Fan Remake

Demo released for the Resident Evil fan remake in Unity Engine

Remember the Resident Evil fan remake in Unity Engine? Well, great news everyone as Briins Croft and his team have released a free demo for it that you can download right now.

In Resident Evil 1 Remake, players will manage their inventory, find defense knives to quickly run away from a zombie about to bite them. Additionally, they’ll be able to use their flashlight whenever they want. The game will also have a dodge mechanic, and a good amount of weapons to choose from.

The team responsible for this fan remake is also working on a remake for Resident Evil Code Veronica. Not only that, but they are developing a “96 Edition Version” of the first Resident Evil. Unfortunately, though, there is still no ETA on when the Resident Evil Code Veronica Remake will come out.

You can download the demo from here.

Have fun!