Resident Evil Code Veronica Fan Remake

Capcom has shut down the fan remakes of Resident Evil: Code Veronica & Resident Evil 1

In October 2022, we shared a demo for a fan remake of the first Resident Evil game in Unity Engine. And, as you may have guessed, Capcom has sent the team a C&D letter to shut it down (alongside the fan remake of Resident Evil: Code Veronica).

The team was originally planning to release this fan remake in 2023. However, and after some difficulties, it decided to delay it (alongside the remake of the classic RE game) in 2024.

In this fan remake, players would be able to manage their inventory and find defense knives to quickly run away from a zombie about to bite them. Additionally, they’d be able to use their flashlight whenever they wanted. The game would also have a dodge mechanic, and a good amount of weapons to choose from.

For what it’s worth, the demo for the classic RE game is no longer available for download. The team has also deleted its Twitter account and the game’s website.

And that is that. The team was obviously developing this game for portfolio purposes. After all, this is what most small teams do when developing such fan remakes. If the team wanted to create a full-length game, they’d scrap all the RE elements from it after receiving this C&D letter. Since this didn’t happen, we can assume that there wasn’t really a plan to ever finish/complete these projects. But hey, at least we got a demo to play so that’s something.