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New and smoother flythrough video released for the Far Cry mod for Crysis, FarCry Reloaded

Last month, we informed you about a Far Cry total conversion mod for the first Crysis game. FarCry Reloaded is ambitious and aims to feature 9 levels from Far Cry into a single big level. However, the flythrough video that modder ‘roadiereloaded’ initially released was really choppy, something that frustrated a lot of our readers.

Thankfully, roadiereloaded released a brand new flythrough video from a new build of the mod that is smoother. As the modder told us, he has also added some AI driving around to “pacify the motion sick victims of the stuttering video.”

Now I’m pretty sure that some of you may not find it interesting, so here is also another video from this mod. This video shows the Training mission in which there are multiple AI patrols doing their day routine. Furthermore, the map has proper vegetation assets, something that will please some of you.

FarCry Reloaded - Training Video

Roadiereloaded aims to release the mod in December 2020, so it will be a while until we can play it. On the other hand, and as we’ve already reported, there is another Far Cry fan remake in CryEngine 5. This other FC project is being made by 2Key [D. Ray], and appears to be at a more playable state.

I don’t know whether 2Key [D. Ray] plans to releases his fan remake to the public. On the other hand, roadiereloaded will release his Far Cry Remake to the public once it’s complete.

Stay tuned for more!