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Ambitious Far Cry total conversion mod for Crysis, Far Cry Reloaded, gets new FlyThrough video

Modder ‘roadiereloaded’ has released a new flythrough video for his upcoming ambitious Far Cry total conversion mod for the first Crysis game, Far Cry Reloaded. FarCry reloaded is going to bring some of the FarCry levels in Crysis, remade with CryEngine 2.

This total conversion mod will feature 9 levels fro Far Cry that will be packed into a single big level. These maps will feature underground labs, ancient ruins, dense jungle, mountain paths, long dark scary tunnels, mercenary camps, shipwrecks, a river section, caverns, tropical beaches and monsters.

However, and according to the mod’s description, Far Cry Reloaded will not pack any new assets, weapons or gameplay features. As such, this might be just a recreation of the nine most famous maps of the first Far Cry game and nothing more.

Roadiereloaded aims to release the mod in December 2020, so you can rest assured that you won’t be playing it anytime soon. Moreover, I’m not certain whether this total conversion mod will attract PC gamers as by then most of them will not have the first Crysis game installed on their hard-discs. A standalone release would be a cool solution, though the modder has not revealed anything yet about such a thing.

I should also note that the flythrough video is a bit choppy so hopefully the performance of the final version will not be as bad as showcased here. I would also love to see higher LOD values as there are a lot of pop-ins, so hopefully the modder will provide such options.