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Someone is working on a Far Cry Remake in CRYENGINE 5 that already looks better than the original

Earlier this week, we reported on a Far Cry total conversion mod for Crysis, Far Cry Reloaded. Now I know that some were disappointed with that fan remake as – and even though it’s a fan WIP project – it did not look particularly impressive. However, another Fan Cry remake project that aims to bring Crytek’s classic shooter in CryEngine 5 is currently in progress, and it already looks better than the original version.

2Key [D. Ray] has been working on this project for a while and has recently shared a video, showcasing its latest build. Now the good news here is that this Far Cry Remake looks way better than both Far Cry Reloaded and the original Far Cry game.

2Key [D. Ray] took advantage of the new lighting system that CryEngine 5 uses, as well as the improved Ambient Occlusion effects, the amazing water tech that CryEngine 5 is well known for, as well as all the improved vegetation assets. The result is a Far Cry Remake that looks way more advanced than what Crytek initially presented, and something that will please all Far Cry fans out there.

Unfortunately, we don’t know whether the modder aims to release this project to the public, or whether he plans to add more maps to it than the Training level. Moreover, and while he used the shooting mechanics from Crysis 2/3, there aren’t any enemies to fight in this current version of this project.

I don’t know if the modder will be able to complete this Far Cry Remake project, however it would have been really cool if, after completing the Training level, he added some enemies to fight with clever AI behaviour (similar to what we’ve seen in the Crysis games). And after that, it would be even cooler to add destructible objects/buildings/trees so that it can give it a more “Crysis” feeling during firefights.

But anyway, enjoy the following video and stay tuned for more!