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New Starfield Beta Update 1.8.84 Released & Detailed

Bethesda just dropped a new beta update for the PC version of Starfield. This new one, Beta Update 1.8.84, has got a bunch of fixes. Most of them are about the new DLSS 3 Super Resolution and Frame Generation Bethesda added.

As said, Starfield’s Beta Update 1.8.84 fixes some annoying DLSS bugs and issues. Like, there was this issue with DLSS Frame Generation that made characters look blurry or ghostly. Now this is fixed. You can also turn on DLSS Frame Generation by itself. And here’s another cool thing – the game won’t reset the DLSS quality setting when exiting its display options.

In this newest beta update, Bethesda fixed even more DLSS 3 issues. There was this problem where you could see some grain or sharpening in really dark places with DLSS, and they took care of it. And guess what? It’s not just about looks – they also made the game more stable when you’re using DLSS. So, the game won’t be crashing as much as it used to.

For those wondering, this latest update does not resolve the 30fps-locked HUD icon issues. Yes, the game still feels choppy in space. So, once again, you’ll have to use a mod to get a better experience. To be honest, though, I don’t know whether the Smooth Ship Reticle (120fps Smooth UI) Mod is compatible with this latest version. Nevertheless, I strongly suggest giving it a go.

As always, Steam will download this beta patch the next time you launch its client. That is if you’ve already opted in for its beta version. You can also find below its full patch notes. And finally, be sure to read our DLSS 3 impressions.

Starfield Beta Update 1.8.84 Release Notes

Fixes and Improvements

  •  Improved DLSS overall stability.
  • Fixed an issue with DLSS Frame Generation where occasionally a blur effect could be seen and the screen could turn black.
  • Fixed an issue with DLSS Frame Generation where occasionally blurring or ghosting artifacts could be seen on characters.
  • Fixed an issue where some grain/sharpening could be observed in very dark areas with DLSS enabled.


  • Fixed an issue where DLSS preset was defaulting from Quality to Performance or vice versa upon exiting the Display settings.
  • Fixed an issue where DLSS Frame Generation couldn’t be turned on correctly unless DLSS is enabled.
  • Improved Display settings to force V-sync off when DLSS Frame Generation is turned on.
  • Improved Display settings DLSS localization.


  • Fixed an issue where occasionally the camera could shake incorrectly during Traveling, Grav Jumping, Docking, or Landing transitions.