Final Fantasy IX Fan Remake

Final Fantasy 9 Fan Remake in Unreal Engine 5 gets a 25-minute gameplay demo

The team behind Final Fantasy IX: Memoria Project, a fan remake of Final Fantasy 9 in Unreal Engine 5, has released a 25-minute gameplay video for it.

Final Fantasy IX: Memoria Project is a passion project led by a team of over 50 professional developers and artists in the video game industry. This fan project aims to reimagine what the legendary game could look like with modern graphical capabilities.

Do note that the team does not plan to release this demo to the public. In order words, you cannot run it on your PC systems. Still, the following video should make a lot of FF9 fans happy.

According to rumors, Square Enix may be working on a remake of FF9. However, we suggest tempering your expectations. This official remake will NOT look as good as what the Memoria Team has managed to achieve. From what we’ve heard, this official remake won’t have the budget or the scope of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Instead, it sounds more similar to the remake of Final Fantasy Crisis Core.

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Final Fantasy IX: Memoria Project - Full Gameplay Demo | UE5 Remake