Skyrim Whiterun Unreal Engine 5

Take a look at a true scale recreation of Skyrim’s Whiterun in Unreal Engine 5

Leo Torres has shared a video in which he recreated Skyrim’s Whiterun in Unreal Engine 5, using Nanite and Lumen. Now what’s cool about this recreation is that Torres has remade Whiterun at a more realistic and lore-accurate scale.

Torres has used Unreal Engine 5.2 Preview in order to create this massive map. The map also runs with around 30fps on an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060Ti.

The artist has used a mix of third-party models and custom assets that were modeled in Blender and then textured in Mixer. Moreover, he has used most of UE5’s latest tech features. For instance, the map uses Nanite for all models and foliage. Lumen was also used for global illumination and reflections.

Unfortunately, this map is not available for download and from what I know, there are currently no plans to release it. Still, it looks mighty impressive, which is why I wanted to share the video.

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The True Scale of Whiterun: Skyrim in UNREAL ENGINE 5!