Discovery temp

Discovery is a new Unreal Engine 5-powered story-driven FPS

Stepico Games has announced a new first-person shooter that will be using Unreal Engine 5, called Discovery. Discovery will be using the main key graphical features of UE5, and you can find below its debut in-engine trailer.

The developers claim that the game will take advantage of Lumen, Nanite and Niagara. This upcoming shooter will be story-driven, so that’s at least good news (compared to most recent indie games that are either roguelikes or multiplayer games).

Here is the game’s official description.

“Discovery is our upcoming first-person shooter game, built on the power of Unreal Engine 5. Immerse yourself in a cinematic experience like no other with our story-driven shooter set in the distant future of a far-off galaxy. You will land on a planet with breathtaking flora that evolved from sea life and undiscovered deadly predators hiding within.”

Now I don’t know whether Stepico Games will be able to release this FPS with its current name. And the reason I’m saying this is because there is already an upcoming game on Steam called Discovery. This game is from a small indie dev, so there might be a legal fight between them.

Anyway, even though this game uses UE5, I suggest tempering your expectations. This is from a small team, so don’t expect something that will blow you away. Additionally, its debut in-engine trailer only shows a map and nothing more.


Discovery - Official Reveal Teaser | Stepico Games