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Far Cry – Definitive Edition Mod vs Original Comparison Video

Modder ‘DarkChampion’ is currently working on a graphics mod for the first Far Cry game, called Far Cry Definitive Edition. And although there isn’t any ETA on when this mod will come out, the modder released a comparison video between the modded and the original/vanilla versions.

The primary focus of this mod is to improve the game’s Level of Detail values. As such, the modder has increased general Level View Distance by almost 3 times. Moreover, he deleted the LODs for Geometry and Textures. This will result in a more cohesive image, though there will be a noticeable performance hit. Additionally, he made some changes to the FOG Distance, and more vegetation for many levels.

Furthermore, the modder increased the running speed for all weapons, added the new mutant Screwed with working animation from the Far Cry Demo, and made some AI tweaks.

The end result stays true to the aesthetics of the original/vanilla version. However, and thanks to the improved Level of Detail, the game can now look better on modern-day hardware.

Enjoy the following comparison video and stay tuned for more!