Paranoid screenshot

New gameplay trailer surfaces for Madmind Studio’s horror game, PARANOID

Madmind Studios has released a brand new official gameplay trailer for its upcoming horror game, PARANOID. Madmind is the team behind AGONY and SUCCUBUS, so let’s hope that this new title will be better than those.

PARANOID aims to combine an extensive, psychological story with dynamic and brutal combat. The game will target next-gen hardware, featuring Ray Tracing and 4K resolutions.

Furthermore, PARANOID is set in the late 80s, which translates into both gameplay possibilities and immersion from communing in realistic locations. The game also aims to have frightening and hostile creatures.

There is currently no ETA on when this game will come out. However, Madmind Studio has stated that the PC version will be exclusive on Steam.


Paranoid: Official Madnight Trailer