God of War 2 wallpaper

Fans working on unofficial remake of classic God of War in Unity Engine

Baryonix Studios, a small team of game developers, is working on an unofficial remake of the first God of War game in Unity Engine. Although this project is in a pre-alpha stage, the team shared a WIP video from it.

Now as the title suggests, this is an unofficial remake. As such, don’t expect much from it. My guess is that Sony will send Baryonix a C&D letter (once and if this video goes viral). Furthermore, this is a really early development video. Thus, and even if Sony allows the team to continue working on it, you should not be expecting to be playing it anytime soon.

Nevertheless, this WIP video does actually feel like God of War. The team has nailed Kratos’ 3D model, as well as his attack animations. In a sense, it’s more impressive than the God of War fan video in Unreal Engine 5 we shared a while back.

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