Doom E1M1 in Backrooms The Project

Doom’s iconic E1M1 looks glorious in Backrooms: The Project

In order to promote its upcoming game, Night Drive Interactive has recreated the iconic E1M1 from the first Doom game in Backrooms: The Project. And, as you will see, this remake looks glorious.

For those unaware, Backrooms: The Project is an immersive first-person found footage horror adventure game. In this game, players will explore the different levels of a mysterious liminal dimension known as the Backrooms. As such, they’ll have to find and utilize items to aid them in their escape.

Going into more details, Backrooms: The Project has camera movement has been designed to capture that true handheld found footage video feel. Each bounce of the camera is synced exactly with the player’s footsteps. The player also has a visible shadow-casting character model. Not only but nearly all light sources in the game cast high-quality soft shadows.

Now don’t expect to find any Imps, enemies or weapons in this demo. Nope, that’s not what this prototype is all about. Instead, this demo of Doom’s E1M1 will simply allow you to explore the map. In other words, it does not feature any gameplay mechanics. Still, it will give you a glimpse at the art style – and graphics – of Backrooms: The Project.

In a really weird way, Doom’s E1M1 looks incredible in Backrooms: The Project. Everything looks great in this remake. From the lighting effects to the quality of the materials, everything looks top-notch. And yes, I’d really love to play the first Doom game with this kind of graphics.

Those interested can go ahead and download the demo from here.

There is currently no ETA on when Backrooms: The Project will come out. From what I could find, the game is using the Unity Engine. So, color me impressed with what they have achieved. Because, for an indie game, it looks pretty amazing.

Have fun!

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